10 things cam models like to hear

The Internet is one of the simplest and easiest places to meet and attract a woman. According to the survey of a major women’s magazine, more than 80% of women in the United States have already tried online dating. If you want to have a good time with the woman of your dreams online, Hornychat is the right place. Due to the growing popularity of online cams in relation to porn videos, ore and more women are trying out online webcams and chatting live with men from all walks of life. The hottest and most exciting women get a lot of attention from many people. So, just like in the “offline” world, you have to know how to stand out from the crowd to get attention in order to seduce a camgirl.

If you want to get the special attention of a webcam model, being engaged in the conversation and complimenting the model are arguments that can make you stand out from the crowd. The following phrases are not intended to get free shows from a model you are attracted to. They are just a list of phrases that models like to read. It brightens up their webcam session and makes you stand out.

I was thinking about you

It’s a simple phrase but one that will surely make your partner smile. And if you’re thinking about them, let them know. Be honest with your camgirl and tell her how you feel. We think about our loved ones every day, and letting them know will only brighten their day, especially in online relationships when you don’t see each other as often. Consider personalizing your sentence such as:

  • “I was thinking about you and I remembered that it’s been a long time since we played together”
  • “I’m glad to talk to you, I was just thinking about you”.

You’re very beautiful

This sentence is also very simple but who has never enjoyed being complimented? People compliment each other all the time because it feels good. Be honest, compliment your model, he will be more than happy. You can personalize this sentence or combine it with the one above:

  • “You are very pretty, I was just thinking about how pretty I think you are”
  • “I’m happy to talk to you, it’s been a long time since I’ve seen such a beautiful model”
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Last time we spoke about…

By remembering the conversation you had with the model, it shows that you value it and are engaged in the conversation. Don’t forget the small details that shape your discussions, they help emphasize how important they are to you:

  • “Last time you mentioned your project. How’s it going?”
  • “Last time your dog was sick, how is he?”

The biggest compliment you can give someone is to show them that you are important to them.

Talk about their interests/hobbies

Talking about someone’s interests and hobbies shows that you are interested in them. This sentence goes hand in hand with the one above. Make time for her interests and start a conversation about them. If she likes a particular style of music, why not bring that up?

  • “Did you hear? Your favorite band has a new single out.”
  • “What is your favorite album by this band?”

I miss you

We know that models are not always online and deserve a break. If it’s been one, two, three days or even longer since she’s been online, leave them a message. Tell them you’re thinking of them and that you miss them. This will make them more than happy and they will be more than eager to come back. Chat rooms are equipped with a feature that allows you to send messages to models even when they are offline. Don’t hesitate to use it, it will only strengthen your relationship.

I really like that about you

Each person, whether a cam model or not, has his or her own characteristics and qualities. Don’t hesitate to tell him about them, highlight his qualities, whether physical or personality, and engage in a discussion, this has never deteriorated a relationship.

  • “I really enjoy our conversations. Everything you say is very interesting.”
  • “I like your earring. How long have you been wearing it?”

This is a phrase designed to show her attention to detail. If it’s a Hispanic model, for example, you can compliment the evolution of his English over the days.

  • “Your English has really improved lately, it must help a lot to practice all day”.
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I love your shows

It is without a doubt one of the highest compliments one can pay to a model. Dedicated to making their shows as pleasing as possible, models place a lot of importance on their performance. Don’t hesitate to point out the quality of their show and talk about the evolution over time.

  • “I really like the dedication you put into your shows, they are very enjoyable.”
  • “You have great energy at your shows and I always feel better after spending time with you.”

I remembered you when I saw this

If you find something on the internet, whether it’s a photo or video, a meme or something else, share it with your favorite model. Don’t be shy, it will show that she is constantly on your mind and prove the influence and importance she can have.


In short, complimenting a model is not complicated and just being simple and natural will make things go as smoothly as possible. Words matter a lot, whether in the negative or positive. Feel free to spend some quality time with our hot and dedicated models for your pleasure. So the next time you take a trip to our webcam chat rooms, don’t hesitate to try our tips.

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