The 6 most popular fetishes seen on cam sites

foot fetish

As the saying goes: “We all have our kinks”. Indeed, despite the openness of the word about sexuality and individual fetishes in recent years, many people still consider their sexual desires too taboo and have not yet taken the plunge. The majority do not share their kinks or fetishes with their friends during a brunch, for example, and even many of us are still too shy to discuss the topic with our partner. There is often a fear of being associated with someone “weird” or “deviant”. Justin Lehmiller, a researcher at the Kinsey Institute conducted a survey of 4,175 Americans in all 50 states nationwide, and the results are undeniable. The majority of people polled say they have fantasized at least one time before.

Having kinks or fetish doesn’t make you a sex freak. On the other hand, cam sites in general are very healthy places where respect and openness is the key word, it is not uncommon to discuss about one’s fetishes and kinks, especially between model and viewer. And for you, Hornychat has compiled a list of the 6 most requested fetishes by users in cam chat rooms.


Everyone knows that squirting is a very popular practice. It is not too much of a surprise to see him among this ranking. But why do viewers like to see their camgirl squirting? This may be because not all women know how to squirt, and the harder it is to get something, the more men find it exciting and fascinating. Squirting is also a moment of incredible pleasure for a woman. And watch a squirting camgirl and something incredibly hot.

Also, each woman squirt differently, some discharge a torrent of liquid while others are satisfied with a few drops. And discovering a new model’s squirt is always exciting to watch.

Foot fetish

One of the greatest classics in the world of fetishism, and a practice highly requested by viewers. Very often misunderstood by people who do not like feet. This fetish, however, is more common than you might think. Some people start their model careers by specializing only in this topic and even manage to make a great income from it.

Anal play

Anal play is a very widespread practice and more and more models offer it in their tip menu. On the other hand, anal fetish goes beyond a simple anal intercourse in a couple. It can range from simple fingering to inserting huge dildos or other unusual objects in the ass. Anal play concerns the entire erogenous zone around the anus. Many possibilities are then possible. Only the models with the most experience in anal offer this kind of service, because it is indeed very important to know how to prepare for this kind of practice.


The most popular American fetish. BDSM has been on the rise in recent years, especially since the release of the famous movie Fifty Shades of Gray. BDSM is a role play practice involving bondage, domination and submission. There are several types of BDSM ranging from soft to hardcore. For the most extreme, some people feel arousal when they feel pain, especially when it comes from someone they fantasize about.


With the advent of social networks, media, and the Internet as a whole, cosplay is a growing practice in the world of porn and adult cams. Viewers like to see their favorite model combined with their favorite person from anime, video games or whatever. What was a great way for fans to show their attraction to certain characters has become one of the most requested sex fetishes online.

Group sex

As the name suggests, group sex cam is the act of having sex with more than two people. There are many forms of group sex, some women like gangbanging where everyone is focused on the same person, usually men to women for this kind of practice. Orgy is also a practice included in group sex, altough it is more balanced. It is not uncommon to find this kind of nude chat room on HornyChat because it is something appreciated by both models and viewers.

And you, are you surprised ? Is your fetish one of the most requested ? Do not hesitate to let us know your reaction and feelings on this list.

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