Top 10 common fantasies of women (some are so hot)

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There are few women who do not have erotic fantasies. Creating sexual fantasies in a long-term relation is essential to stimulate desire. They break the routine, make you dream and open new ways, provoking more and better pleasure. Knowing your body well and giving wings to your imagination are the two pillars for a successful sex life. But in the end, what are the 10 common fantasies of women ?

Sadomasochism and submission

Nearly 65% of those surveyed fantasize about liking to feel pain to get aroused. Many women like to imagine being controlled by a powerful and dominant man. For the most part, they like to be tied down and dominated by their partner.


In contrast to submission, some women prefer to take on the opposite role and dominate their partner. Women who live in the shadows are often those who like to take control during sex. The partner submits and finds himself in control of her desires.


This fantasy is one of the most, or the most common of all. Women don’t have the courage to do it in real life, but that doesn’t mean they don’t think about it. Many fantasize about a 3-way relationship or even more as we can see on the porn site hqporner. They don’t usually have a preference on the guest’s gender.

Sex in public

Public sex is also one of the top female fantasies that comes up the most. For example, some prefer the park, the elevator, public transport, while others in the middle of a field, the beach, the car etc.

Romantic sex

Some women want the perfect man, the one who will be able to seduce her and make her feel the most wanted than ever. To be treated like a princess beyond the everyday, loved and irresistible. Romantic sex at its finest.

Open relationships

A good number of women would like to have sex with other people with their partner’s consent. Some even fantasize about having sex with someone else in front of their husband, while he masturbates for example.

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Practiced by a good number of performers in our webcam chat rooms, many women love exhibitionism and want to be seen practicing the sexual act. Performing sexual acts in front of other people (often strangers) is quite common.

Same-sex sexual partner

Even though many claim to be heterosexual, some women have the desire to have a sex with someone of the same sex, with or without their long-term partner.

Relationship with her ex

A man she still hasn’t managed to forget ? Some women still dream about their previous relationship, often when they used to go to seventh heaven with him.

Generally, fantasies are the things we are afraid to explore, regardless of any of the above. Taboo subjects are never mentioned and allow the woman to imagine everything she doesn’t have the courage to do in real life. Furthermore, even if this article lists the most common erotic fantasies of women, it does not mean that their fantasy is in this list, or that they have any. Each person being different, it is advisable to first approach the person on this topic in order to better know his partner and his desires. In the meantime, our camgirls perform live their sexual fantasy. Feel free to engage this topic with them by visiting our girls chat rooms.

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