Sex with food : 5 best food to use during sex act

food for sex

Having sex, masturbating and eating are undeniably some of the best pleasures of life. And when you mix these three ingredients, you can achieve a real level of intense pleasure. Whether alone or with others, on a live cam show or in real life, food is something that makes it easy to get out of the ordinary and out of the sexual routine. It is an easy way to spice up your relationship. Though there isn’t enough evidence to confirm a scientific relationship between aphrodisiac foods and sex, it doesn’t change the fact that many have a sexy cultural connotation. This does not mean that you have to take out a juicy burger or a grilled cheese during the act. So which food to use for sex ? HornyChat lists the 5 best foods to use during the sexual act.

Disclaimer : In order to avoid any kind of infection or irritation, it is recommended not to use these products on sensitive areas of the body, such as the anus, penis or vulva.

Chantilly cream

This is a classic and very well known. The whipped cream is compact enough to stay in place and sweet enough to be licked, especially close to the erogenous zones. You can spread it on the stomach, start with a French kiss and go down slowly while licking the cream up to the crotch. It will turn your partner on for sure !


Much like bananas, popsicles can be likened to penises, and only performing oral sex on them makes the scene sexy. However, as the disclaimer states, it is not a good idea to use it on sensitive areas of the body due to possible infections. It is therefore recommended not to use such objects for penetration.

On the other hand, sucking and licking the popsicle in front of your partner with soft eyes might be enough to drive him crazy. And if that doesn’t prove to be enough, the sweetness popsicles on your tongue before a French kiss should be able to build up the pressure.

Ice cream

Much like popsicles, cold things can really add spice to sex, and ice cream is the perfect example to illustrate. Playing with the ice cold and the heat of sex is clearly a turn-on. Putting some ice cream on your partner’s body and running your tongue over it afterwards is very exciting. The cold and the texture of ice on contact with the skin will capsize your partner.


A great classic. You don’t have a dildo ? Get yourself a cucumber and you will be in for the evening. In addition, it will be a nice surprise for your viewers if you do it on live cam. It will probably be different than usual and will definitely grab the attention of users !

It goes without saying, but it is important to use a condom when penetrating yourself with a cucumber. Wash it first with an anti-bacterial and then put on a condom. Obviously a vegetable will never get you pregnant, but its rough sides could make you feel uncomfortable.


Isn’t there a link between chocolate, sex and Valentine’s Day? Chocolate is the classic food and gift of the celebration of love. Melt some chocolate and wait for it to cool or get yourself some liquid chocolate. Dirtier and drippier than the cream, it will be difficult to get rid of chocolate completely in just a lick. Looks promising ! Isn’t it ?

And if you are not lacking in imagination, you can mix several foods together for more guaranteed sensations. Ice cream or chantilly with chocolate ? Popsicles with whipped cream? Now your imagination is your only limit.

sex with food

What about you ? Have you ever tried the experience of food during sex ? If so, what has been the super ingredient in your success ? If not, will you give it a try? We look forward to hearing your comments. Enjoy your lunch !

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