Stripchat Tokens : How to get them for free ?

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Stripchat is a popular adult cam site that offers a wide variety of live streams featuring models from all over the world. It’s a great platform for people who are looking for adult entertainment, and it offers a unique experience for those who want to interact with models in real-time. One of the features that sets Stripchat apart from other cam sites is its token system, which allows users to tip and interact with models in different ways. In this article, we’ll explore how to get free Stripchat tokens.

What are Stripchat tokens ?

Before we dive into how to get free Stripchat tokens, let’s first understand what they are. Stripchat tokens are the currency used on the site to interact with models. Users can use tokens to tip models, enter private shows, or even control their sex toys. Tokens can be purchased on the site, but they can also be earned for free through various promotions and giveaways.

stripchat tokens
Stripchat users tipping

How to get free tokens on Stripchat ?

Now that we know what Stripchat tokens are, let’s explore how to get them for free. There are several ways to earn free tokens on Stripchat, including token giveaways, social media contests, becoming a model, and using token generators and hacks.

Token giveaways

Stripchat frequently runs token giveaways on its site, where users can win free tokens by joining it every hour. These are an opportunity for all users to win without any condition. This giveaway is accessible to free users who don’t need to buy anything or have bought anything in the past. They also don’t need to own tokens to participate, making it a totally free giveaway. It takes place every hour, so if you miss the previous one, you can always participate in the next hour’s giveaway.

stripchat tokens giveaway
Participate in the free Stripchat giveaways every hour

If you’re interested in participating in Stripchat’s free tokens giveaways, it’s easy to do so. First, you’ll need to sign in. This link will lead you straight to the giveaway. Once you’ve set up your account, you can visit your favorite model’s chat room.

You’ll see a button below the chat written a “Participate in giveaway.” button. Click on it to enter the giveaway. It’s important to note that each user can only participate once per hour, so make sure to choose the hour that works best for you.

Social media contests and promos

Stripchat also runs contests and promotions on its social media channels, such as Twitter and Instagram. These contests can include submitting photos or videos, retweeting or sharing posts, or answering trivia questions. By participating in these contests, you could win free tokens to use on Stripchat.

Buy bigger packages

While there are several ways to earn tokens at no cost, it’s also possible to obtain free tokens by purchasing them on the site. In fact, buying bigger packages of tokens can even result in getting free tokens.

On Stripchat, buying bigger packages of tokens comes with a discount, which means that the more tokens you buy, the more you get at a cheaper rate. For example, purchasing a package of 100 tokens may cost $10, while a package of 500 tokens may cost $50 but also comes with an additional 50 tokens for free. The more tokens you buy, the more the price per token will get cheaper. This means that if you plan on using the platform frequently, it may be more cost-effective to purchase a larger package of tokens upfront.

If you’re new to Stripchat and want to acquire tokens, here is a step-by-step process:

  1. Create an account on Stripchat by signing up with your email or social media account.
  2. Once you’re logged in, click on the “Buy Tokens” button on the top right corner of the page.
  3. Select the package of tokens you want to purchase. The more tokens you buy, the more you’ll get at a cheaper rate.
  4. Choose your payment method. Stripchat accepts several payment methods, including credit cards, PayPal, and cryptocurrency.
  5. Enter your payment information and confirm your purchase. Once your payment is processed, your tokens will be added to your account.
  6. Start interacting with models on the site by tipping them, entering private shows, or even controlling their sex toys with your tokens.

Become a model

If you’re interested in becoming a model on Stripchat, you can earn tokens by performing live streams and interacting with users. Models earn tokens from tips, private shows, and other activities on the site. Becoming a model can be a great way to earn free tokens while providing entertainment for others.

Caution about Stripchat token generator and hacks

There are numerous websites and tools that claim to generate or hack Stripchat tokens, but it’s crucial to note that these claims are false. These tools may not be legitimate and could potentially harm your device or account. It’s recommended to only use trusted and verified websites when looking for token generators or hacks.

It’s important to note that token generator websites are unreliable and will not give users any reward. These websites may require users to complete surveys or download apps in exchange for tokens, but they are nothing more than scams that could harm your device or account. Therefore, it’s advised to always research a website before using it and be wary of any site that requires you to provide personal information or download anything.

Thus, visiting any website or tool that claims to generate or hack Stripchat tokens is useless. Remember, there is no shortcut to obtaining Stripchat tokens, and using these so-called “tools” will only lead to disappointment.


Stripchat tokens are a valuable currency used on the site to interact with models and enjoy adult entertainment. While they can be purchased on the site, there are also several ways to earn them for free, including giveaways, social media contests, and becoming a model. By using these tips and tricks, you can enjoy all that Stripchat has to offer without breaking the bank.

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