What is ahegao and why so much success ?

ahegao porn

It seems to have been the impetus behind the ahegado current trend : a facial expression characterized by rolling or crossed eyes, a sticking out tongue, a made-up face, blushing cheeks and moanings as you can hear on the most exciting hentai. In recent years, with the opening of the debate around taboo subjects like sex and fetishes and the influence of Hentai on social media, Ahegao has gone from being a dark geek fetish to one of the most popular mainstream sexualized thing on the internet.

You probably know the most common fetishes, the most famous of which are BDSM, foot fetish, handcuffs, cuckolding, hentai and more… This kind of practice was well known and practiced long before the internet arrived. But nowadays, it is not uncommon to discover new fantasies as soon as a pornstar or famous gamer girl influencer posts a photo of about it.

In 2021, it is impossible to miss this trend. You open Instagram, Youtube, Twitter or any social network, chances are you have already come across this sexy facial expression that is increasing on the internet.

But what does this mean, and where does this phenomenon come from ?

The history of Ahegao porn

Ahegao porn might seem like something weird or crazy these days, but the truth is, this fetish has been around for a long time. It’s a popular manga fantasy that’s been around for a long time in the anime community. Although many believe that the first appearance of the ahegado in anime was in the early 90s, there are hentai comics as old as the 1960s that already showed this kind of practice.

Facial expressions such as rolling back eyes, tongue sticking out, blushing cheeks and sweating were staged to denote a character’s orgasm. It’s generally very sexualized and lewd, and may or may not be accompanied with heart eyes. The idea of ​​the ahegao was to show the crazy intensity and pleasure that the character took when he reached the point of no return. The Japanese word itself describes this definition well: “ahe” which is a Japanese onomatopoeia which is the sound of a female moan, and kao which means “face”.

Growing popularity of Ahegao

Ahegao has grown in popularity in recent years in the West, a little after the rise of hentai sites. What was once a unique feature of Japanese erotic comics has now become a completely commonplace practice in the mainstream and adult world, such as these free porn gifs sites, and available now everywhere. And these facial expressions are even now made in simple selfies. We can find these hot sexual practices in simple classic porn videos or even ahegao webcams offered by HornyChat.

Why such a success ? The ahegao symbolizes a loss of control and an extreme surge of pleasure. A lot of people have discovered a new fantasy since the rise in popularity of hentai. Imagine having or giving an orgasm that gives so much pleasure to transform a person and their face. Some find it very hot, others like it just for its humor. And one person has completely democratized the practice, to the point of becoming a star. It is not possible to talk about ahegao without mentioning Belle Delphine, the influencer and internet sensation of recent years.

Belle Delphine

Belle Delphine as she nicknamed herself is a 19 years old girl from United Kingdom. This queen of ahegao is the main element of this rise to power. She became popular because of her cute content which featured ahegao faces. Thus, many people who did not know the anime were immersed in the ahegao world through its sexy content on Instagram and OnlyFans.

The hentai pornstar even managed to launch her influencer career from her cute faces, exposed tongue, blushing cheeks and colored hair, so much so that she was selling bottles of her bath water for $ 30 on the internet. Thousands of cosplayers such as Bell Delphine, along with TikTok stars and anime girls, have managed to make careers out of making this lewd face for their followers.

On the internet, anything is possible, so you’ll never know where a simple selfie with a wacky facial expression will take you.

belle delphine ahegao

Belle Delphine doing an ahegao face.

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