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Findom, or financial domination, is a fetish where a submissive person derives pleasure from giving gifts or money to a dominant person. This has become increasingly popular in recent years, and Reddit has become a hub for the BDSM community. With a variety of subreddits dedicated to findom, users have access to a wide range of experiences and opportunities to engage in this fetish. In this article, we will explore the world of findom fetish on Reddit and provide an overview of the best subreddits, guidelines and rules for engaging in findom on Reddit, also discuss about potential risks and precautions to take.

Introduction to Findom kink

Findom, short for Financial Domination, is a form of BDSM where one party, often called the “domme” or “domina,” gains control over the other party’s finances. This can range from requesting small tributes to complete financial control. The submissive, often referred to as the “paypig” or “human ATM,” gains pleasure from the act of giving their financial resources to the dominant party.

Findom culture has been on the rise in recent years, with the rise of social media and the internet making it easier for people to connect and engage in this kink. In particular, Reddit has become a popular platform for Findom due to its community-driven nature, and ease of access.

Findom practice on Reddit

On Reddit, findom has gained a significant following, with many users seeking out and participating in this type of kink. But why is it so popular on the platform ? This question has been on the minds of many individuals who are curious about the reasons behind the site’s attractiveness in this particular niche. Despite the fact that there are other websites that offer similar content, this social platform has managed to establish itself as a go-to destination for those seeking financial submission enthusiasts.

One possible explanation for this phenomenon is the site’s user-generated content model. Unlike some other platforms that rely on professional content creators, it allows anyone to post and share their own content. This means that users can find a wide variety of content, ranging from amateur videos to professionally produced material.

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Another factor that contributes to their popularity in the adult content space is the site’s discreet way of use. Users can create accounts with little personal information and post content without fear of being judged. This allows individuals to explore their sexuality and share their experiences without fear of social stigma or repercussions, making it a top place for dommes to find their paypigs.

Additionally, Reddit’s community-driven approach to content moderation has also played a significant role in its success. The site relies on its users to report inappropriate content, which is then reviewed by a team of moderators. This ensures that the site remains a safe and welcoming space for all users, regardless of their interests or preferences.

Furthermore, the answer could be found in their unique upvote system. This system allows users to vote on the quality of content, resulting in the most voted posts rising to the top. As a result, adult content creators are incentivized to produce high-quality content that resonates with the community. This has led to a thriving adult content community on this social network, with a wide range of content available for users to explore including findom kink. Despite the controversial nature of adult content, Reddit’s upvote system has allowed for a safe and engaging platform for creators and consumers alike.

Finally, one of the major benefits of using Reddit for Findom is the ability to find like-minded individuals in a safe and supportive environment. The platform allows for easy communication and the sharing of content, which can enhance the experience for those involved.

Top Findom subreddits on Reddit

There are several Findom subreddits, each with its own unique community and focus. Most of them offer a range of content, including discussion threads, personal ads, and photos and videos about the financial submission kink.


This subreddit is a community dedicated to individuals seeking financial domination from a dominant partner. It provides a platform for those interested in exploring this unique aspect of BDSM to connect with like-minded individuals and share their experiences.

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This subreddit is a community that provides support and resources for moneyslaves who engage in financial domination, also known as “paypigs”. The subreddit offers a safe space for individuals to discuss their experiences, share advice, and connect with others who share their interests. Whether you are new to financial domination or already experimented, r/Paypigsupportgroup is a valuable resource for any moneyslave looking to explore this unique fetish.


A community group for findom, focused primarily on Dommes, this is a sister subreddit of the previous one for subs. The subreddit r/Findomsupportgroup serves as a safe space for dominant girls to discuss their experiences with their slaves, seek advice, and connect with other dommes who share the same interest.


r/Feetfindom provides a place for women to share pictures of their feet while also announcing their availability to potential paypigs. It serves as a community for dominants and submissives to connect and engage in mutually beneficial relationships.

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It offers a unique space for individuals to explore their foot fetish in a safe and consensual manner. By allowing women to showcase their feet, it creates a space for those who find pleasure in worshiping and serving their dominant partners.


This subreddit is dedicated to finsubs and dommes to share their experiences. This community provides a place for both sides of this kink to share their stories and gain valuable insights to become better subs or dommes. As their description suggests, this is a safe space for you to confess your findom experiences and connect with like-minded individuals.


This online community is all about female domination, but without the financial aspect. While it’s not strictly a findomme space, you’ll find plenty of them there, making it a valuable hub for exploring both worlds. This subreddit boasts a large and active community, with many members who are also involved in the financial domination kink.

Guidelines for engaging in Findom subreddits


Financial domination is a unique form of BDSM that involves the exchange of money and power. As with any form of BDSM, it is essential to establish clear guidelines and rules to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all parties involved. Here are some fundamental guidelines and regulations to follow when engaging in this practice.

1. Consent is key : Before engaging in any of these activities, it is crucial to obtain explicit consent from all parties involved. This includes imposing real limits and expectations.

2. Communication is essential : Effective communication is vital in any adult activity, even more in this financial fetish submission. It is essential to establish clear communication with trust and discuss any concerns or issues that may arise.

3. Respect boundaries : It is crucial to respect the boundaries and limits set by all parties involved, whether the domme or the paypig. Failure to do so can result in a breach of trust and a negative experience for everyone.

How to stay safe on Reddit

Findom on Reddit can be an exciting and profitable venture, but it’s important to understand the potential risks involved and take necessary precautions to stay safe. Here are some things to keep in mind.

One of the primary risks being a sub is the possibility of encountering scammers and fraudsters. These individuals may present themselves as seasoned findommes, but their true intention is to obtain access to your personal information and financial accounts. This could potentially result in a blackmail scenario where you are coerced into giving more and more to the fraudsters, ultimately leading to financial ruin. Such an experience would undoubtedly leave a negative impression of the findom kink.

It is crucial to exercise caution when engaging with other users on any other platform. Always verify the legitimacy of the individual you are interacting with and never share sensitive information or financial details without proper verification. To stay safe, always do your research before engaging with a potential partner. Look for user reviews and ask for references from other trusted findom users. Be cautious when sharing personal details, and consider using a separate banking account or prepaid credit card solely for findom transactions. Most importantly, always trust your instincts and don’t engage in any behavior that makes you uncomfortable.

Additionally, there is always the potential for emotional manipulation or exploitation in these relationships even from real dominatrices. It is very important to establish clear boundaries before engaging in it and stick to them.

For the dommes, if you’re into the world of financial domination, this platform can be a great place to start your journey. However, it’s important to be aware that not all subs are able or willing to financially contribute to your desires. Some may simply be seeking their own pleasure without offering any compensation. This can be frustrating and unproductive, so it’s important to carefully vet potential subs and establish clear expectations before engaging in any interactions.


While this fetish may not be for everyone, those who are interested in exploring this unique and profitable avenue should approach it with caution, research, and a willingness to learn. By understanding the potential risks and taking steps to protect themselves, as well as seeking out success stories and tips from experienced findom users, individuals can navigate this complex and sometimes controversial world with confidence and success.

As social media platforms and online communities continue to evolve, it’s likely that financial domination fetish on Reddit will also continue to shift and change. However, as long as there are individuals seeking to explore this particular fetish and willing to pay for the service, there will be opportunities for dominatrices be successful on the platform, and paypigs to satisfy their deepest financial desires on the platform.

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Ultimately, Reddit findom can be a thrilling and rewarding experience for those who have an interest in this fetish. With our list of findom subreddits, whether you are a sub willing to give away your money or a findom ready to drain some wallets, you can now start your journey. However, it is important to approach this fetish with caution and take necessary precautions to ensure a safe and pleasant experience for all. With the right mindset and adherence to guidelines, this can be a fulfilling experience for both dominant and submissive users alike.



I had heard about financial domination before, but didn’t know much about it until I came across these subreddits. Nice picks 🙂


Holy smokes, this article on and the best subreddits had me hooked from the first sentence 😀 As someone who’s always been curious about the world of financial domination, I found this article stunning for exploring the scene on Reddit.

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